Urbana residence #2


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Reported activity

Voices over speakers, footsteps, family pet being scared

Our findings

This was a local home with a tragic history. The home owner had a copy of a news paper article from the early 70ís. It told of a man that found his wife was cheating and decided to killer her. She walked in and he grabbed her and choked her right inside the door. After killing her, he went and turned himself in.

We coved the house from top to bottom. Early on in the investigation, heavy footsteps were heard walking up the stairs. When the steps reached the top, our investigators saw nothing. One investigator was only a few feet from the top of the steps. These steps were caught on audio they were so loud. A possible communication with the K2 meter happened in the bed room that the dog has issues with. A few other personal experiences were had that night, but nothing major. The recorder from the attic picked up a strange evp (listen below). We tried to recreate the voice over the speaker. The speaker was in a kidís karaoke machine. We couldnít recreate it, but itís possible this speaker picked up a radio frequency from and outside source, possibly a CB radio. Since this home is on a main state road coming it to town, this is possible due to the high semi truck traffic.

On our second visit, nothing really happened. We tried to debunk the evp, thinking maybe it was something from the outside. We placed Shawn Castle in the attic with recorders and a camcorder. We ran around the house speaking loud to the point of almost yelling. It didnít sound close. All the voices were muffled, possibly due to the blown insulation. No personal experiences were had that night either.


We have very little go on in this home. 1 evp and an emf spike donít make a home haunted. It just shows thereís possible activity going on here. With what we experienced, itís probably residual energy just playing itself out over and over if itís anything. We did find a very high emf field in the master bedroom. This should be looked into due to it being linked to various health issues.