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The claims in this home involved the family seeing shadows walking the halls, things moving, and the son being scared cause of things going on in his room.

Our Findings

The baselines in this home were normal with a couple high emf spikes, but those could be explained by wiring in the walls. A couple of the claims could be debunked, but still others couldn't. About 30min in to the investigation, 3 of our investigators watched a shadow come out a door , make a 90degree turn and go down a hallway. Later on that night, an odd emf spike could be followed down the hall. Our investigator could get a reading then it would go away, he'd take a step or two forward to find it again. He did this all through the home and up the stairs on the other end of the home. A shadow was seen in an upstairs bedroom later that night too. Just a very active night.


This home was very active on the night we were there. Many experience were had by our team. Upon evidence review , we discovered we recorded 2 evps. 1 during set up and the other during an evp session in a downstairs bedroom. We come to the obvious conclusion that there was activity in this home and we had to help the family deal with it. We decided to let the son that had issues come in with us for the last 15min or so of the investigation so we could explain some things to him. We've been in contact with the family since then and things still happen now and then, but they know how to handle it and is not bothered.