Octagon Hall, Franklin, Ky.


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Apparitions, many voices and evpís. Just about anything paranormal you can think of.

Our findings

In august 2008, we were invited to investigate the Octagon hall museum in Franklin Ky. by our friends at BGPS. This turned into a true event. It turned into a pretty good size group hunt with teams from all over. We were represented by Tom, Steve, Leonard, and JJ.  There was BGPS from Frankfort Ky., ourselves, Capt from Iowa, and 2 taps family members Shannon from API in California, and Danny from Leinster Paranormal in Ireland. So this was an international group investigation. We get there to find the place had been broken into, and the sheriff was still doing a crime scene report. The owners still let us investigate even though they were broken into. 

We split into groups and started investigating.  Many clear evpís were picked up this night. We also got good results on our Irish wind chime (a description of this is on our equipment page) in one of the bedroom. The chime was seen swinging on a video monitor. No one was in the room.  2 different groups heard the sounds a little girl crying. Tom and Steve heard it in the library room down stairs. Danny and JJ heard it also, close to this area. This was the first time for hearing a disembodied voice for all four of these investigators. The voice of a little girl has been picked up all over the property of the Octagon Hall. Itís believed she is the little girl who died when she got too close the fireplace in the basement. Her dress caught fire and she died later from her injuries.

In Nov., We were invited back by BGPS to the Octagon to help for the last night of the Halloween haunted tour. It was the least we could do to help recover the money from the break in from the day of our first visit. We were told the week before our visit the apparition of a civil war soldier was seen near the front door. That night we didnít get anything on video or in pictures, but again the Octagon gave us some great evps. We didnít get as much investigating in that night as we would like, but we were glad we could help for this fundraiser. Check out a few of the evps we collected on the player below.


Thereís most definitely something paranormal going on at the Octagon Hall in Franklin Ky. Itís hard to base a haunt on an evp, but the number and quality of the evps make it hard to deny. Eddie Sloan of BGPS was in contact with Billy Byrd (the owner of the Octagon) to find out things have stepped up a little. After the break in, he installed an alarm with motion detectors. He told Eddie about the glass display case was turned on its side and the bed in a bedroom was moved to the center of the room with the bed clothes thrown off. All this happened without the alarm going off.  Itís obvious this place as a few intelligent spirits roaming its property, and maybe some residual activity lingering around too. Our vists are done with the octagon. We'll have more soon .