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Shadow figures, evpís, touching, physical contact. Full body apparitions

Our findings

Our group has been the Mansfield Reformatory.  Each time a few items were caught and experienced. I could give you the back ground, but itís all over the web. Check the place out at .

The first trip was just with Tom and Shawn C. Iíll start off by saying itís not really an investigation when you have 100 other people in the building with you. So with that being said, the only thing we submit for evidence is when we knew we were alone. A few personal experiences were had.  A shadow figure was seen leaning out of a cell looking back toward Tom and Shawn, just out of ir range for the camcorder. When they got down there, it was gone. Then it popped out a down hall leaning out of another cell.  While in solitary, something like a small rock was thrown at us. It hit near them on something metal, like a vent or cell door. Not a lot of evidence was collected due to the number of people. There were a lot of investigators from various groups. Everyone was as quiet as could be and very respectful of each other.

The second trip was with the whole group. This time the people acted completely different. This was after the prison was seen on TV. Everyone and their brother wanted to see the prison. They treated it more like a Halloween haunted house instead of the haunted piece of history it is. People were screaming and running around. What we noticed was after they ate the provided pizza around 11pm., most of these people left. So around 12 to 1 am, things settled down and a few things were experienced. The shadow figure was thought to be seen looking over the rail at some of our investigators. We had a couple possible evpís but we had to throw them out, due to the actions and the number of people there that night. The high light of the night was in the prison chapel. Things were going slow that night so tom starts pushing the prisoners buttons. While doing this, something pulled his shirt from behind. His shirt was seen to be standing off his back a few inches with no one doing it. It caught everyone by surprise, so no pics were taken, just another personal experience.


Is this place active, probably so. Unless youíre lucky enough to a private night, the group ghost hunts are just fun. You might be lucky enough to catch or experience something.  This is just a place of local history and the money raised goes to restore this building. The people and volunteers that work at the prison are very nice and treat all the visitors very well. So it was worth every penny. They provide killer pizza for dinner too, so it canít be bad.