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    We use a common sense approach to our investigation. We look for man made or natural causes for what's occurring in your home or business. 90% of the time a cause can be found that's not paranormal. Our investigations are nothing like some of the shows on TV that's popular right now. Demon's aren't in every corner, and provoking (insulting the spirit to get a reaction) is a quick way off our team. We show respect to everyone , living or dead.

    Your privacy is important to us. If  you wish no one to know about your contact with us, we respect that. Even with the cases we have permission to use, we never post a address and are very vague about the location on purpose.

     The following is a list of some of our investigations. Some are public places you might know and others are private residences where the owners gave us permission post.This just gives you an idea of the way we do things.








  Octagon Hall , Franklin Ky. Urbana Residence  
  Champaign County residence Rushville residence  
  Mansfield Reformatory Urbana, Residence #2  
  Urbana Farm. Cincinnati apt.  
  Columbus trailer park Lebanon , OH. home.  
  South Lebanon home