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Voices, shadows, interaction with objects

Our findings

This was our first investigation as a group. We were surprised at the level of activity this house has.  The owners had as much of the back ground of the house that could be found. Some was lost in a fire out our local court house back in the 20s.  We would end of investigating this house 3 times over the next few months.

Our first visit gathered little more than personal experiences and some tapping, but it was enough to get us to come back.

Our second visit had some interesting happenings. We had 3 flashlights go out within a few feet of each other within seconds of each other. 1 had batteries die, 1 blew a bulb, and the other just melted down. A few possible evps were picked up on this visit, also a video of the door moving.  A few personal experiences were had this night to. Small lights were seen coming out a door and bending 90degrees and going down a hall way. We also had a few odd temperature spikes, the oddest went up 19 degrees in seconds, then went back to the baseline as fast as it went up.

The third visit had a few personal experiences. We got an evp of a something responding to a request to show its self. It said no. It was short and to the point, but a response none the less. Other than that, but was a quiet night. The only other experience was when Tom was pushing button, light provoking. He said, we know youre here, quit being scared and come out. Just at that moment both emf meters, spiked for about 2 seconds. They were about 5 feet apart.  Then it went quiet again.  That was it for the night.

The owner recorded one of the best videos weve seen. She heard the microwave going off by itself. Just watch the video below to see how it turned out. We have to give her all the props, she went and got her camera and recorded and documented this event. We would like to thank them for the use of this video.


This house is active with paranormal activity.  The owners put their foot down and took control, and that seemed to work. Its almost like dealing with a child, they set limits, and that seemed to do the trick. They still have things going on, but its more or less trying to get their attention or remind them hey Im still here.