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1. DVR and Sony video camcorders- Our team uses a 4 channel dvr system to record hours of night vision video. we also use sony camcorders to capture our video due to their niteshot(nightvision). This lets us see in low to no light conditions. We have 5 of these for our groups use.

2. Digital recorders- we use these to capture evp's or just make notes of what's going on at the time. All of our recorders (7)  have USB cables to connect to our pc to be used with the latest audio software.

3. Emf meters- We use emf meters for a few things. We can possibly explain some of what's going on by emf levels. High emf levels can have a negative affect on the body. Some people can experience hallucinations from these levels. Other theories have linked ghost/spirits to fluctuations on an emf meter. Its hard to prove but odd happenings have been documented at the same time as a spike on the meter.

4. digital camera- we use digital cameras. Some use 35mm due to the fact you get less orbs. The computer in a digital camera will process the smallest speck of dust as a larger ball of light just by the way light reflects off it. We don't use orbs as evidence due to this fact. So if we get anything other than dust bunnies in our pics, well maybe, JUST MAYBE we'll have something.

5. digital thermometers- these are used to measure the air temperature. Its widely believed that a ghost will drain energy from it surroundings, even heat energy. So its not uncommon to experience cold spots or warm spots while investigating. Its just another tool to use to narrow things down. We also use a simple candle or lighter to detect drafts as the possible cause for the temperature fluctuations.

6. Irish wind chime- this is new to our group. The idea was given to us by Danny Carthy of Ireland's Leinster Paranormal. This a trigger object. Its so basic , yet effective. Its basically a wind chime in a jar. We have a large and small version. If the chime moves, its not by the breeze due to it being in the jar. We've used it with results. We've used it in combination with questions. Like if you hear me, move the chime. Or we just leave it still and place a camera on it. We've had success both ways.

7. What we don't use- Ouija boards or sensitives. Neither one can be documented. Anyone can push the little puck around the board. Anyone can say I see someone in the corner. Almost impossible to use as evidence. A sensitive can be used as a tracker. I feel something in this room. Then the investigators will try and document activity. We don't have a sensitive nor are we looking for one. We've just had bad experiences in this area. We'll stick to our experiences and our equipment. We're not saying sensitives don't exist, but we've yet to find one yet in our area. Just a lot of people saying they are.

     While no one piece of our equipment will prove a haunting, you have to use all as pieces of a puzzle. In the end, you have to review evidence from all your equipment to determine what is happening.

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