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We were contact by a friend of the group about this newer home. We found this to be a very nice newer home built with in 10 years. The claims were of a little boy that would show his self now and then, especially to the families daughter. He's was also suppose to be a little prankster also. We were told "he" liked to hide things from the clients and their kids.

Our Findings

We found this home to have normal base line readings. Nothing out of the ordinary. We went about our set up using the kitchen island as our base. It was just a quiet night. We were thinking it was a quiet and uneventful night. Then during one of our breaks we laid our recorders and emf meters on the kitchen island on the way out. We come back to find the k2 meter was gone, nowhere to be found. We talked to the home owner and she said don't it will turn up eventually. Well it didn't show that night. It was toward the end of the and we the owners son came home. We were in another part of the home, and he was talking to his mom and we ended up recording our only evp of the night. The evp sounds like a little boy, but no words can be made out.


We found this home to have some possible activity. The evp was good, but we won't call a place on 1 evp. Then we have the missing meter. The meter turned up 2 weeks later in a garage on a ladder. The crazy thing was we never entered the area where it was found. So it has us scratching our heads.